Traits of a Dragon...

We are passionate about our clients, their business and our place in it.

Regardless if you need help with your personal brand or to establish your business in the digital space. We are the experts.  Small enough to move with agility, experienced enough in the industry to deliver results, we are the new niche agency model. Lean, stealth, and capable of accomplishing anything. 


Allison Dollar

Founder/Strategist/Digital Director

After working for a large media company followed by working for a small local agency it was time to make things happen on her terms. Born the year of the dragon and being one person ready to rule the digital world, the name One Dragon hatched.  

Allison has made it her mission to extinguish the main stream model for digital marketing success. Creating strategies for each individual company is not only the key to success but a non-negotiable, working with individual business owners and leaders to ensure objectives are achieved on a daily, weekly, quarterly and annual basis is something she is not only passionate about but requires from the One Dragon team.

Sasha Dollar

CXO-Client Experience Officer


Being a rescue dog Sasha understands the importance of hard work and determination. Her personal motto is "love, treats, and exercise. Her hashtag #sasharulestheworld has solid momentum in the digital space with room to grow. Follow her on Instagram, @Sasharulestheworldkc for a glimpse of her dedication to not only the One Dragon brand but living her best life daily.