Social Media Marketing

While we are not a fan of cookie cutter programs we understand the need to have several packages available for business owners who are in need of our services but not on a large scale. These packages are designed for a small business owner, or a professional trying to enhance their personal brand within the digital space. We prefer to customize our social strategy for each client so if you don’t see a package that fits your needs please let us know!


The Basics

Created for the small business owner who needs to be present in the social space but not rule it.

  • Outward posts (3 weekly) on 3 social channels (select from list below)

  • Sprout Social Dashboard Access (1 user, 3 social channel profiles)

  • Monthly Analytics Reports (Includes competition tracking & analysis)

  • Content Calendar (interactive) & Strategy Creation

  • Monthly Conference Call (1 hour) to discuss success, opportunities, upcoming events & more

  • 1 hour of admin time to work on selected platforms (examples include: add Facebook events & manage; upload pins to Pinterest etc)

    • 10 day ramp up period

    • 60 day cancellation notice

    • Client provides all internal content, pictures, videos, (no on-site visits)


The Professional

This package is for those who understand the power of social media marketing, that a post is not just a post and that real results with a well-defined strategy are earned over time.

  • Outward posts (3-5) on 4 social channels of your choice

  • 2 hours of weekly engagements spread across the platforms based on business objectives

  • Content Calendar (interactive) & Strategy Creation

  • 2 hours graphic design work per month or administrative time to load events/blogs etc

  • Client provides content (in-house pictures, videos)

  • Sprout Social Access (unlimited users, 4 social channels)

  • Monthly Analytics Reporting (includes Keyword trends, Sent messages, Competition Reporting & more)

  • 2 hours of meeting / conference call time to discuss results, strategy & business objectives

  • 10 day ramp up period

  • 60 day cancellation notice

  • 25% discount on hourly rate on-site content creation services (video, pictures, on-site)

  • Audit of all platforms to ensure set up correctly


The Influencer

Our most comprehensive package. This includes everything needed to be successful on the social channels of your choice, monitor success, and pivot when needed to achieve business goals.

  • Outward weekly posts (3-5) on 5 social channels of your choice

  • Content Calendar Creation, & Strategy

  • Sprout Social Dashboard (unlimited users, 5 social channels)

  • Monthly reporting

  • Monthly meeting and/or call to discuss results, strategy & changes in business needs

  • 4 Hours of weekly engagements

  • 3 hours of graphic design work or administrative time to upload events, blogs, to appropriate channels

  • 24/7 monitoring for client questions/concerns/feedback

  • Bot creation as needed

  • 14 day ramp up period

  • 90 day cancellation notice

  • 50% discount on hourly rates for on-site content visits (Live videos, pictures, audio recordings)

  • Audit of each platform to ensure set up correctly

Only need our help on one social channel?

Click on the one below for our packages or contact us to customize a plan that is perfect for your business needs.