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Search Engine Optimization is a term commonly interchanged with SEM or search engine marketing. SEM is in fact a small piece of SEO, which is an overall strategy to ensure your business is ranked accordingly on each search engine. We strive to create in partnership with each client the best SEO strategy for them with execution points and checkpoints to ensure alignment.



One Dragon works with each client intimately to create a content strategy that makes sense. Content strategies should align with the client’s overall objective, be on brand and engaging.



Video assets are no longer a luxury in marketing; they are mandatory. The consumer’s attention span is shorter than ever, with video assets companies can hold the attention of potential clients with brand appropriate messages. Video assets can and should be utilized on social media platforms, websites, display advertising campaigns and email campaigns. Using the newest technology, we create videos for our clients in a professional, affordable way.



Google rules the world. It is that simple. With so many rules and algorithm changes in the search space it is imperative to have a digital partner who knows how to pivot, be flexible and change strategy with your overall business objective in mind. We are not the conventional set it and forget it agency, with specialists on our team that speak “Google” the campaigns we manage have continued success.


Website Design

As the digital space continues to evolve having the best website for your business is a nonnegotiable. Gone are the days of expensive websites. Our team uses updated tools to create websites that are mobile friendly, brand appropriate with updated SEO tactics to ensure top-tier search results.


Paid Media

Paid digital advertising cannot be a one size fits all. With so many options in the digital space, we encourage, create and execute different campaigns for different objectives with a specific strategy for each one.

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Social Media

So many platforms, so little time. The social space is the perfect marketing platform for any size business. Creating successful social media campaigns, posts, and strategies is more than passion, its an obsession.


Email Marketing

So much has changed with consumer behavior and how they react to receiving emails from brands. It is important for each brand to have a specific strategy to ensure success. We look at each client and their objectives to create a strategy that not only makes sense, but provides a return on investment.



In today’s fast paced world keeping up with the marketing research, trends, platforms, and everything else is not easy. More companies are hiring internal however staying on top of the digital space is extremely difficult. That is where we come in, let us train your team on the latest and greatest within the digital marketing world so they have the knowledge needed to ensure results for your company. Each strategy is created specifically for your needs, they are not cookie cutter or one size fits all.


Navigating the digital space can be tough but selling your products online shouldn’t be.

One Dragon can create a strategy for your business, execute and maintain your e-commerce presence to generate a solid revenue stream.


We know this isn’t digital marketing, but it compliments it so well. Most consumers need to be reminded of what they saw on television or online. Direct mail done correctly makes sense and enhances most digital marketing strategies. .