Pinterest- The Golden Ticket of Social Media Platforms

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Why Pinterest Matters for Brand Awareness

Pinterest is no small fish anymore. It now has over 291 million monthly active users.

It can be a great addition to your social media strategy, boosting brand awareness, increasing your digital footprint, and driving traffic to your website.

However, most business owners don’t know how to use it effectively.

Here are 5 things you should know to improve your Pinterest SEO:

1. The Following Tab

Pinterest recently rolled out the “following tab,” giving users the ability to see content only from the people they are following.

And there’s more. Pinterest’s Head of Product Marketing, Alisa Meredith, has confirmed that your first five pins each day will be prioritized in your followers’ feeds.

That means you’ll need to be smart about which message or call to action you’re aiming for with your pins on a daily basis to ensure your first five pins contribute to your most important goals.

With regards to gaining more followers in the first place — start with your audience research.

What does your ideal audience want to see? Make your content relevant to them so they will engage with it via re-pinning content and following your account.

Finally, never forget that Pinterest is a visual medium. Always put out the best looking, high-quality images that you can afford. It’s simply the new standard for Pinterest in 2019.

2. Hashtags

While hashtags seem relatively straightforward, they can also get tricky.

Don’t make the mistake of going back through all your old pins and trying to retrofit them with current hashtags.

Pinterest’s hashtag feed cares more about freshness than anything, so newer pins will almost always be displayed first.


A final word on hashtags: they are not a replacement for great SEO-optimized descriptions for your pins.

While your descriptions should include more broad keywords that cover a lot of ground, your hashtags should be used for timely, relevant, niche keywords to improve your content’s chances of being seen by your specific audience.

3. Smart Feed (a.k.a. Home Feed)

The content that a user sees in their home feed is determined by an algorithm called the “Smart Feed.”

It focuses on three main things:

  • What pins a user saved (from other users they’re following)

  • Pins that are related to pins they’ve saved

  • Pins that Pinterest believes are relevant to their interests

This means you need to ask yourself: “Are my pins worth saving?”

The more your followers save your pins, the more likely that Pinterest’s algorithm will show similar users your content.

4. Make Your Profile SEO Friendly

Just like traditional SEO, you want to add keywords in certain parts of your profile to increase your place in Pinterest’s rankings.

There are two places in your profile  to optimize your keywords: your username and your bio:

Username  - The best strategy for this is to simply use your business name!

For this, you have to upgrade to a Pinterest business account. You’ll gain access to promoted pins, the ability to claim your company’s website, and marketing analytics.

Luckily, the business name field has plenty of room to add relevant keywords. So add one or two primary keywords after your business name as well, such as “cooking tips” or “design services.”

Bio - Your bio gives you 160 characters, so use them wisely.

Now is not the time to tell your audience your life story. Instead, stay hyper-focused on your brand’s mission. Use keywords and calls to action that directly relate to you niche.

If in doubt, a great formula is “We help [target audience] get [primary benefit] by [product/service you provide] Click here to learn more [your business URL].”


5. Pinner Quality

Your Pinner Quality is how Pinterest views you as a content creator and curator. At the end of the day, Pinterest wants to know if it can trust you to deliver and share high-quality content.

Here are things you can do to boost your Pinner Quality:

  • Post More Often - Consistent pinners are rewarded in Pinterest’s algorithm. So make a schedule that encourages you to post multiple times daily for the best results.

  • Drive Engagement - Pinterest wants to see that people are saving and repinning your content. They also want to see comments. If you focus on creating great content with relevant hashtags and keywords, this will mostly take care of itself.

  • Repin Popular Content - by browsing “Popular” on Pinterest, you can see which pins have been saved the most. Make an effort to repin those which are relevant to your niche. As a bonus, you’ll start to get a better feel for what users like to save.

Going Forward: Using Pinterest in Your Social Media Strategy

Pinterest has more users than ever. Therefore, it can be an excellent way to drive brand awareness. It can help you attract and convert the right audience if you post high quality, relevant and timely content on a consistent basis.

So don’t miss out on all this social media platform has to offer. Apply the five steps above to enjoy more loyal followers, subscribers, and customers. It’s well worth the effort.

Allison Dollar