Not a Blogger?


Blogs are hard to write.   


There is so much pressure to choose a topic that will resonate with your audience. The most recent research shows that the consumer’s attention span is short and only shrinking. Three to five seconds is all we have to get buy in or as we say in the digital marketing world, Stop the Scroll.  

The importance of blogs in today’s competitive search world is evident. Genuine, original content is as much a part of the algorithm as social media itself. Ignoring your blog page or not having one at all is not an option unless you really don’t care about search ranking.

At One Dragon we firmly believe that everyone has to start somewhere.  If you have never attempted to blog then it’s time to start. If you are a part time blogger it’s time to shift your strategy.  We aren’t saying that you have to publish content daily but at a minimum twice a month. Minimum. Which brings us back to the original point. Blogs are hard to write.


At One Dragon we also believe that Sharing is Caring. So in the spirit of sharing, here are a few strategies we use internally when creating blog content.

  • Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously:  We are all social beings at heart. If you are not sure what to write about pick a topic you enjoy. There is always room on your blog page to share something that you as the business owner are passionate about. This could be a charity event that is attended regularly by yourself or members of your team. It could be the little league team that is coached by “Bill” who just joined the team.  Or it could be your take on leadership, lessons learned over the years...once you allow your thoughts to open up choosing a topic becomes less stressful.

  • Use Social Media: There are plenty of ideas on these platforms. Use them to your advantage. Look at what your audience currently engages with, use this as a baseline for tone and/or voice of the blog.  Does your audience enjoy the funny posts? Or are they a serious group? Take a minute to dig in, see what they have shared or commented on over the past few days, even weeks.  Narrow it down to a relevant topic, do the research you need to do then begin.  

  • Schedule the Time: Everyone’s creative juices flow differently. Schedule time not only to write the content but to brainstorm and research it. Place a task on your calendar, block off the time so you are not interrupted. This is important, it’s not just a blog.  It is a genuine piece of content that will resonate with your audience if done well.  Take the time to do it well.

  • Check Your Grammar: You took the time to craft the perfect blog, make sure you run it through a tool like Grammarly. It will save you the palm smack on the forehead later. Promise.

  • Use Images: We are all visual creatures. Look for pictures that compliment your words. One of our favorite free spots is the website Unsplash. Various talented photographers share their work on this site and the downloads are free. If you choose to give them credit you can embed or tag the photographer with your content. 

  • Have fun: This is not torture. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun with the content. As you begin to enjoy creating include members of your team.  Allow them to have input on topics they are passionate about.



Finally, just do it.  Sometimes starting a project is the hardest part of it all.  Sit down, get something on paper to work with and dig in.